Monday, March 1, 2010

Naomi's 5th birthday

Skate party, star pinata, cake, Disney Bingo and more...

Naomi had 2 parties this year to celebrate her 5th birthday. On her birthday Feb 17, we took her for a surprise Skate Party at Classic Skating in Orem. It was a fun disco skating scene with great music, games, skating and scooters, friends and pizza and a Cinderella cup "cake." i think she had a really fun time with all her friends. Hadley, Brandon, Paxton, her cousin, Tehani, and her cousin Mary and hubby Aaron. I skated and pushed Leilani around in the stroller. She loved it. Naomi seemed really happy learning how to skate and dancing to her favorite songs. She even got a shout out from the DJ. It was a fun disco magical night at the roller skating rink.

She also had a character birthday party on Sat after her bday for her friends and neighborhood/ church buddies. Alot of kids came for hot dogs and cupcakes and pinata fun. The guests dressed up in their favorite characters. Naomi was a blue fairy. Regan, Naya, Hads, Paxton, Kiersten, Kaitlyn, Jackson, and Brinsley all came to her party.
It was alot of fun entertaining them, because it doesn't really take much to entertain this age. We played bing bag toss, ate lunch, opened presents, played Disney Bingo, and tried to kill the pinata. It was a successful party, Tommy and I think.
Naomi had alot of fun with old and new friends. I think she is happy in our new home and neighborhood. Now our oldest is 5 and will start K in August! WOW!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

waiting to come down for presents, xmas early at home in Utah

"my brown eyed girls" Dec 2009 in Cali

Christmas in Cali 2009/ Disneyland, Newport beach, and more...

This is the year it was all about Santa! Naomi wanted to know all about him and how he knows who is being "naughty or nice" and what kind of gifts she wants. So we did a lot of writing to Santa. The first letter she didn't think he got her letter so we wrote another one! I of course assured her he did receive it. And she would always ask, "But, how do you know for sure he got my letter." She also wanted to know where does Santa live and does he sleep and where is the North Pole? I did my best with all these answers. It was fun playing the Santa "card" many times when she needed to listen better. She did get everything she asked for, while in reality and affordability. ;) But I think Santa did OK this year. We even put out a few candies and a drink for Santa up on the fireplace on Christmas Eve, because Naomi thought he would want candies instead of cookies. We also gave him chocolate milk. Santa almost forgot to eat what we left for him, but luckily before Naomi could go down the stairs, it was eaten quickly by Santa of course. This was a really fun and happy Christmas spent at Grandma and Pappa's.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fun this Fall! October/ Nov 2009

Our new home! Baby Lei Lei is 1.

We finally are in our new home as of November 14. Yipee, our own home to settle in, and right before the holidays.

We want to thank all who housed us "homeless", for 3 months while we were looking and deciding and bidding. Oldhams, Rodriguez, Cleveland's, and the Marriott.
Our new address...

788 Devonshire Dr. Saratoga Springs, UT. 84045

It is such a blessing to be in our own place! ;)

Leilani is 1 yrs old as of October 22, and Naomi is 4 and will be 5 in Feb 17.
Tommy enjoys his job in Lehi at the Marriott, just a 10 min drive to work now. I am loving being at home and taking care of our girls.
We are members of the SS 7th ward and enjoying the neighborhood.

Have a wonderful holiday season!
Gray family

send me your address's pls. thanks.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

cupcakes and the Ellen show!

check it out, yummy cupcake ideas and treats and giveaways, and help the "dough dough" go to the Ellen show! ;)